Samstag, 29. Mai 2010

German Voicebank finished! + Voicebank Download!!

Hey there
Ijust finished Kumoris voicebank. He's now able to sing Japanese, English and German.
Download it here!!

Here you can listen to Kumori singing German.

Sonntag, 16. Mai 2010

English Voicebank of Kumori!

Hey there :)
I just finished Kumoris English Voicebank. You can download the full overworked thing here: CLICK
The German Voicebank is a WIP. I'll give you an add-on link if it's finished.
Btw, the voicebank of DEi DEi was overworked, too. You'll here a duet of both very soon!

For know, listen to my first Talkloid ever with Kumori and Camila (by Yesi-Chan).
It's not very well, but I'm a beginner, you know.

Samstag, 15. Mai 2010

Kumori's English Voicebank WIP!

Yes, Kumori's English Voicebank is WIP!
I already recorded all the syllabies (it's over 270!). I'm working on the oto.inis now. When I'm ready, I gotta show you a demo song. It probably won't be very long, but I will also give you the English Voicebank (+ the better japanese Voicebank) :D
Thanks for listening ^.^

Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2010

First Official Song of Kumori + First Romaji Voicebank

Here is the first song of Kumori + a download link to his voicebank. Unfortenatly, he's only able to sing in romaji. I'm gonna change it as soon as I can. For now, enjoy the first test of Kumori, maybe you'll also want to try out his voice.